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A django based project management system, in the spirit of Basecamp et all
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Dashbard is a tool to manage and track your projects and it will help you get the most out of your projects.


Dashbard is an web based collaborative tool to magange and track your projects.

The basic features of Dashbard are

  • Tasks to track dates and milestones for the project.
  • Taskitems to track the time sepnt in the project on each task.
  • Tracking and logging all changes in the project.
  • Personal Todo lists available to all team members.
  • Noticeboard, to keep conversation on the project with the project.
  • Project specific Wiki, to share information in the team.
  • Files, to securely share documents within the team.
  • Multiple access levels, allowing people to act as owner, particpant or viewer in the project.

Dashbard has a rich set of features, but you do not need to use, or learn every feature for Dashbard to work for you. You may want to use only the task feature and never care about the wiki. Or vice versa.

Dashbard is based around giving people freedom, but tracking and logging changes so that the freedom is used responsibly. Dashbard tracks and logs all changes done to projects.

Using tasks and taskitems you can divide large projects into smaller managable chunks, and delegate each task or taskitem to a team member.

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