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Commits on Nov 6, 2014
  1. @MarkusH @bmispelon

    Fixed #23770 -- Changed serialization strategy for floats with respec…

    MarkusH authored bmispelon committed
    …t to NaN and Inf
    Thanks to w0rp for the report
Commits on Nov 5, 2014
  1. @timgraham
  2. @timgraham
  3. @timgraham
  4. @loic

    Removed confusing paragraph from the docs.

    loic authored
    This snippet wasn't particularly helpful as `add_error()` is described
    in greater details in the following section.
    Thanks Claude Paroz for the report.
  5. @timgraham

    Updated six to 1.8.0.

    timgraham authored
Commits on Nov 4, 2014
  1. @berkerpeksag @timgraham
  2. @mjtamlyn
  3. @timgraham
  4. @timgraham

    Removed unused import.

    timgraham authored
  5. @inglesp @timgraham

    Fixed #13181 -- Added support for callable choices to forms.ChoiceField

    inglesp authored timgraham committed
    Thanks vanschelven and expleo for the initial patch.
  6. @timgraham
  7. @timgraham

    Added a warning about nonexistent FK constraints when unmigrated apps…

    timgraham authored
    … depend on migrated ones.
    Thanks NotSqrt for the report; refs #23741.
  8. @mjtamlyn

    Added HStoreField.

    mjtamlyn authored
    Thanks to `django-hstore` for inspiration in some areas, and many people
    for reviews.
  9. @berkerpeksag @timgraham

    Fixed versionchanged indentation in docs/.

    berkerpeksag authored timgraham committed
  10. @vlajos @timgraham

    Fixed typos using

    vlajos authored timgraham committed
Commits on Nov 3, 2014
  1. @zanderle @timgraham

    Fixed #5405 -- Added admindocs support for reStructured text in model…

    zanderle authored timgraham committed
    … docstrings
    Thanks elvard and gkmngrgn for work on the patch and Markus H. for review.
  2. @zanderle @timgraham
  3. @davide-ceretti @timgraham

    Fixed #23300 -- Made assertTemplateUsed throw an error on responses n…

    davide-ceretti authored timgraham committed
    …ot fetched using the test client.
    Thanks zags for the report and bmispelon for the patch.
  4. @timgraham
  5. @tchaumeny @timgraham

    Fixed #21281 -- Made override_settings act at class level when used a…

    tchaumeny authored timgraham committed
    …s a TestCase decorator.
  6. @dbrgn @timgraham
  7. @Osmose @timgraham

    Fixed #18523 -- Added stream-like API to HttpResponse.

    Osmose authored timgraham committed
    Added getvalue() to HttpResponse to return the content of the response,
    along with a few other methods to partially match io.IOBase.
    Thanks Claude Paroz for the suggestion and Nick Sanford for review.
  8. @berkerpeksag @timgraham
  9. @chosak @akaariai

    Clarified custom lookups output_field documentation

    chosak authored akaariai committed
  10. @chosak @akaariai

    Fixed #23420 - broken warning for unbound naive datetime objects

    chosak authored akaariai committed
    Fixed issue with warning message displayed for unbound naive datetime
    objects when USE_TZ is True. Adds unit test that demonstrates the issue
    (discoverable when using a custom lookup in MySQL).
  11. @unaizalakain @timgraham
  12. @tchaumeny @timgraham

    Moved CSRF docs out of contrib.

    tchaumeny authored timgraham committed
  13. @evildmp

    Merge pull request #3459 from brwr/brwr/django-23376

    evildmp authored
    Fixed #23376 -- Make documentation about required Storage methods consistent.
  14. @brwr

    Fixed #23376 -- Made documentation about required Storage methods

    brwr authored
    The following methods **should** be implemented, but are not required:
     * Storage.delete()
     * Storage.exists()
     * Storage.listdir()
     * Storage.size()
     * Storage.url()
    Updated documentation to reflect this fact and give a couple of examples
    where some methods may not be implemented. Add a warning that not
    implementing some methods will result in a partial (possibly broken)
Commits on Nov 1, 2014
  1. @timgraham

    Fixed #23744 -- Fixed typo in selenium testing example.

    timgraham authored
    Thanks djbug for the report.
Commits on Oct 31, 2014
  1. @timgraham

    Fixed #23731 -- Fixed migrations crash when adding blank GeometryFiel…

    timgraham authored
    …ds on PostGIS.
    Thanks raratiru for the report and Claude Paroz for review.
  2. @kswiat @timgraham

    Fixed #23468 -- Added checks for duplicate fixtures directories in lo…

    kswiat authored timgraham committed
    If settings.FIXTURE_DIRS contains duplicates or a default fixture
    directory (app_name/fixtures), ImproperlyConfigured is raised.
    Thanks to Berker Peksag and Tim Graham for review.
  3. @timgraham

    Renamed SpatiaLite feature flag introduced in refs #23152.

    timgraham authored
    Thanks Doug Goldstein for the suggestion.
  4. @timgraham

    Fixed #23732 -- Corrected and enhanced select_related() docs.

    timgraham authored
    Thanks Daniele Procida for the report and review.
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