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Commits on Dec 22, 2011
@hayyat hayyat added purchase method for stripe 560db7e
@hayyat hayyat added stripe_gateway file ba39025
Commits on Dec 23, 2011
@hayyat hayyat got stripe payment gateway purchase method working 975ea56
@hayyat hayyat added store function to stripe gateway fdfa063
@hayyat hayyat added recurring method to stripe gateway a27a168
Commits on Dec 25, 2011
@hayyat hayyat modified stripe recurring method and pep8 stripe gateway file f053821
@hayyat hayyat added unstore method to stripe gateway d09cc37
@hayyat hayyat added credit method to stripe gateway 1519848
Commits on Dec 26, 2011
@hayyat hayyat pyflaked stripe gateway file 964430d
@hayyat hayyat added tests for stripe gateway 99cc9b1
@hayyat hayyat added plaban to contributors 34cbe4f
@hayyat hayyat added stripe tests 45ecaad
@hayyat hayyat added testcredit method to stripe test a10872a
@hayyat hayyat slightly modified credit method be0d3dd
Commits on Dec 27, 2011
@hayyat hayyat added docs for stripe gateway 1f2a818
@hayyat hayyat added purchase and authorize method of samurai c6bd550
Commits on Dec 28, 2011
@hayyat hayyat added capture method of samurai 6d688bb
@hayyat hayyat added authorize and capture method and their tests and docs to stripe…
… gateway
@hayyat hayyat debugged a mistake in docs f8b3375
@hayyat hayyat added stripe integration and some more methods to samurai 08c0e14
@hayyat hayyat pep8fied some files 2a623c8
@hayyat hayyat pyflaked some files d78388b
Commits on Dec 29, 2011
@hayyat hayyat some minor changes to gateway file and test file of stripe 6bec806
@hayyat hayyat added more methods to samurai 2c36660
Commits on Dec 30, 2011
@hayyat hayyat added samurai gateway tests and pep8fied and pyflaked files 496c819
@hayyat hayyat added samurai docs and updated 8e6fc0b
@hayyat hayyat changed samurai docs b82ad49
@hayyat hayyat changed stripe docs a89e468
@hayyat hayyat updated docs index 78e96f0
@hayyat hayyat added samurai to app 40ebfff
Commits on Jan 02, 2012
@hayyat hayyat added samurai integration ba4a039
@hayyat hayyat added docs for samurai integration fa75c15
@hayyat hayyat modified samurai docs dab193e
@hayyat hayyat debugged docs 8ea9552
Commits on Jan 27, 2012
@theju theju Remove the description as it is optional. 558846f
@theju theju Style fixes for strip tests. c4a68d7
@theju theju Integration's subclasses must handle the transaction logic. 8ba8c66
@theju theju Ability for the stripe gateway to accept tokens instead of credit car…
…ds to make it easier to work with the stripe integration (ie stripe.js).
@theju theju Removed the additional underscore in the stripe forms. f3762aa
@theju theju Changes to the stripe integration to include jQuery and removal of ha…
@theju theju Additionally, provide the STRIPE_PUBLISHABLE_KEY required for the int…
@theju theju Added the amount as a field on the stripe integration object. da75fc8
@theju theju Added the missing stripe js src. 9f4919f
@theju theju Use the default template in the example. 1699351
@theju theju Rationalized the imports and changed the TestCase name. 0950499
@theju theju First stab at Samurai.js. bbbfc9d
@theju theju Remove unused attributes and made the stripe js scheme dynamic. 0ca33b8
@theju theju Bind the form payment events when the Samurai client is ready. 5a5d72f
@theju theju Added the Samurai offsite payment (Samurai.js). dbecc0b
@theju theju Use the default samurai template for the example. 1b3df9b
@theju theju Allow the gateway code to be used from within the integration. db6d782
@theju theju Reference the samurai gateway to be able to reuse the code. be50cd4
@theju theju Improved the stripe integration example and removed some cruft from t…
…he integration.
@theju theju Updated the stripe docs. 023ef61
@theju theju Added samurai integration example and docs. Still a work in progress. 4e600b6
@theju theju Removed a stray print statement. fc4cd6f
@theju theju Removed yet another print statement. 6d5887b
@theju theju Use attribute gateway instead of *_gateway to make the usage uniform. 6e56ff3
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