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The Official Bot for the Icons: Combat Arena Discord Server

Gifkins are the names of the green aliens in the background of Icons: Combat Arena. One of them signed up to help us moderate the official Discord server!

How does it work?

Gifkin is a Discord Bot powered by discord.js. The Bot is being regularly maintained and updated to meet the needs of the growing Icons community, and supports things like automatic role distribution, removal of messages with harmful content, server usage information, and more. If you have suggestions for what the bot should do, let the Mod team know!


Gifkin can do many things, and is getting neat upgrades all the time! A small sampling of what he can do:

  • Server info (Can tell you how many members have joined the server, and how many are online)
  • Message analytics (Can tell you who are the most frequent posters in a given channel)
  • Dynamic Text Commands (Any mod can create a command that will return text that is available to all users)
  • Channel cleanup
  • Dynamic Voice Channel Creation
  • Spam filtering
  • Clip of the Week submissions
  • and much more!


Gifkin is very particularly tailored to use within the Icons Discord server, but with a bit of work (likely removing unused components), you can bring him to your own server!

/src/config.js will run upon running the bot, and will create the files you'll need to get it up and running. Populate these with the appropriate information and you'll be all set.


Gifkin was written by Adam "WaveParadigm" Gincel, who is a member of the Mod team on the Icons Discord Server. Special thanks to Pixel and the rest of the Mod team for putting up with me and Gifkin when things go wrong.

If you'd like to help contribute to Gifkin, feel free to reach out to me or make a pull request!


The Official Bot for the Icons: Combat Arena Discord Server.





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