Easily apply search criteria on Laravel 5 queries
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Easily apply search criteria on Laravel 5 queries

This package will try to solve the problem with filtering a result set and will apply all the necessary checks for you.


  • Composer installable
  • PSR4 auto loading
  • Filter query in Laravel 5


Build only for Laravel Framework 5 only!


In terminal

composer require aginev/search-filters:1.0.*

Add Service Provider to your config/app.php like so

// config/app.php

'providers' => [

Publish config

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Aginev\SearchFilters\SearchFiltersServiceProvider" --tag="config"


Add Filterable trait to you models like so

use Aginev\SearchFilters\Filterable;

Implement setFilters method and define your filters. All filter methods are accepting a database column name as parameter.

 * Set query filters
 * Overwrite this method in the model to set query filters
public function setFilters()
    $this->filter->equal('id', function ($by, $dir, $query) {
            // Every filter can recieve as last paramenter a closure that can be used for custom query order if required
            $query->orderBy($by, $dir);

Need a custom filter?

public function setFilters()
        ->custom('full_name', function ($query, $key, $value) {
            $query->where(\DB::raw("CONCAT_WS(' ', first_name, middle_name, last_name)"), 'LIKE', '%' . $value . '%');
        }, function ($by, $dir, $query) {
            // Define custom order or skip this parameter in method call
            $query->orderBy($by, $dir);

Note that you need to pass the input filters to filter scope. My URLs typically looks like this http://ex.com/?f[first_name]=Atanas&f[last_name]=GinevRetrieve Than you can get the results like so:

// Simple filter query
$users = User::filter(\Request::input('f', []))->get();

// Add additional where and pagination
$users = User::where('is_admin', '=', 1)
    ->filter(\Request::input('f', []))

Available filter methods

public function setFilters()
     ->custom('column', function($query, $column, $value) {
        // $query - instance of Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Builder
        // $column - the string passed as first argument
        // $value - the filter value if exists and not empty
     }, function ($by, $dir, $query) {
        // Not required and can be applied to any other filter method
        // $by - order by field
        // $dir - order direction
        // $query - instance of Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Builder
     ->equal('column')                  // column = filter_value
     ->distinct('column')               // column <> filter_value
     ->greaterThan('column')            // column > filter_value
     ->greaterOrEqualThan('column')     // column >= filter_value
     ->lessThan('column')               // column < filter_value
     ->lessOrEqualThan('column')        // column <= filter_value
     ->like('column')                   // column LIKE '%filter_value%'
     ->llike('column')                  // column LIKE '%filter_value'
     ->rlike('column')                  // column LIKE 'filter_value%'
     ->between('column')                // column BETWEEN filter_value[0] AND filter_value[1]
     ->notBetween('column')             // column NOT BETWEEN filter_value[0] AND filter_value[1]
     ->in('column')                     // column IN (filter_value[0], ..., filter_value[N])
     ->notIn('column')                  // column NOT IN (filter_value[0], ..., filter_value[N])
     ->null('column')                   // column IS NULL
     ->notNull('column')                // column IS NOT NULL
     ->date('column')                   // column DATE(column) = filter_value
     ->dateBetween('column');           // column DATE(column) BETWEEN filter_value[0] AND filter_value[1]


Want to share your custom filter methods? Submit a pull request and I'll consider them :)


MIT - http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT


Need a freelance web developer? Contact me at my website http://aginev.com