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- issue56: nullpointer for MR with inline mode

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commit 2832181c73a9497886a751b9810b5450becc2754 1 parent 2b5dece
@agirbal authored
6 resource/xml/JMongoBrowser.xml
@@ -305,7 +305,7 @@
<MenuItem id="mapReduce" call="mapReduce">
- <FormDialog>
+ <FormDialog buttons="OK_CANCEL_RESET">
<TextArea id="mrMap" label="Map JS Function" toolTipText="map javascript function with signature 'void function map()' which should contain one or more calls to emit(key, obj)" nonEmpty="true" value="function(){ emit(this._id, {count: 1}); }"/>
<TextArea id="mrReduce" label="Reduce JS Function" toolTipText="reduce javascript function with signature 'result reduce(key, values)' where key is the emit key and values is the list of values to reduce.'" nonEmpty="true" value="function(key, values) { total = 0; for (var i = 0; i &lt; values.length; ++i) { total += values[i].count; }; return {count: total}; }"/>
<TextArea id="mrFinalize" label="Finalize JS Function" toolTipText="optional finalize javascript function with signature 'result finalize(key, out)' where out is the result for that key"/>
@@ -315,8 +315,8 @@
<ComboBox id="mrType" label="Output Type" items="replace;merge;reduce;inline" toolTipText="How to process the output"/>
<TextField id="mrOut" label="Output Collection" toolTipText="Name of the output collection" nonEmpty="true"/>
<TextField id="mrOutDB" label="Output Database" toolTipText="Name of the output database, if different from the input database"/>
- <CheckBox id="mrOutSharded" label="Sharded Output" toolTipText="If true, the result collection will be sharded using the _id key."/>
- <CheckBox id="mrJSMode" label="JS Mode"/>
+ <CheckBox id="mrOutSharded" label="Sharded Output" value="false" toolTipText="If true, the result collection will be sharded using the _id key."/>
+ <CheckBox id="mrJSMode" value="false" label="JS Mode"/>
<MenuItem id="geoNear" call="geoNear">
8 src/org/mongo/jmongob/
@@ -338,10 +338,12 @@ public Object doRun() {
// if type in inline, then query options like slaveOk is fine
CommandResult res = null;
- if (type == MapReduceCommand.OutputType.INLINE)
+ if (type == MapReduceCommand.OutputType.INLINE) {
res = col.getDB().command( cmdobj, col.getOptions() );
- else
- res = col.getDB().command( cmdobj );
+ return res;
+ }
+ res = col.getDB().command( cmdobj );
output = new MapReduceOutput( col , cmdobj, res );
return output;
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