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Configuration scripts for cloud instances with GPUs to make possible usage of OpenGL GUI applications in TurboVNC using VirtualGL.
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Cloud scripts

These scripts can configure Ubuntu 16.04 on EC2 graphics instances to support running OpenGL applications in TurboVNC via VirtualGL.

Please note that these scripts are tested on Amazon EC2 g2, g3, p2 and p3 instances, but they can work without or with a little changes on instances of other hosting providers.

EC2 instances

Recommended instance - g3.8xlarge.

Name GPUs GPU speed CPUs CPU speed RAM On demand ~ Spot instance
Baseline Linux GTX1080 x1.0 i7 5960X x1.0 64 Gb N/A N/A
Baseline Win7 GTX1080 x0.85 i7 5960X x1.0 64 Gb N/A N/A
p2.xlarge 1 x K80 x0.35 4 vCPUs x0.31 61 GiB $ 0.9 per hour ~ $0.2 per hour
g3.4xlarge 1 x M60 x0.7 16 vCPUs x1.16 122 GiB $ 1.21 per hour ~ $0.4 per hour
g3.8xlarge 2 x M60 x1.38 32 vCPUs x2.09 244 GiB $ 2.42 per hour ~ $0.8 per hour
g3.16xlarge 4 x M60 x2.58 64 vCPUs x2.74 488 GiB $ 4.84 per hour N/A
p3.2xlarge 1 x V100 x2.05 8 vCPUs x0.61 61 GiB $ 3 per hour ~ $2 per hour
p3.8xlarge 4 x V100 x6.95 32 vCPUs x2.1 244 GiB $12 per hour ~ $7 per hour

Spot instance prices from EU region (Ireland) actual for 09.01.2017.

Please note that there can be other cloud providers with GPUs (even with GTX) that could offer better ratio of performance per hour cost. If you need assistance with launching on them - create issue, or start topic on forum (please provide cloud-scripts/configure.log, cloud-scripts/start_vnc_server.log, /etc/X11/xorg.conf, /var/log/Xorg.0.log and output of nvidia-smi execution).

GPU speed and CPU speed represents a typical relative speedup from Baseline Linux.

Hint: use a spot instance and attach an external volume where you can save your work - this will result in major cost savings.

How to use

Connect to instance with Ubuntu 16.04 via ssh:


ssh -p 22 -i ${private_key} ubuntu@${ip}

Configure everything with script (log will be saved to cloud-scripts/configure.log):

git clone
cd cloud-scripts
chmod +x
./ 2>&1 | tee configure.log

Wait a while (~7 minutes) when instance will be rebooted, then reconnect:

ssh -p 22 -i ${private_key} ubuntu@${ip}

Start X server and VNC server:

cd cloud-scripts
chmod +x
./ 2>&1 | tee start_vnc_server.log
# You will be asked to enter Password twice.
# You will be also asked:
#  Would you like to enter a view-only password (y/n)? n

# Press Ctrl+D to disconnect

Connect with TurboVNC:

# You can install it with:
#   wget -O turbovnc_2.1.1_amd64.deb
#   sudo dpkg -i turbovnc*.deb
/opt/TurboVNC/bin/vncviewer ${ip}:5901
# Enter password you configured above

In terminal on instance you can download and run PhotoScan or any other OpenGL app with GUI:

# Download PhotoScan from
# Extract it:
tar -zxf photoscan-pro_1_4_0_amd64.tar.gz

# Now you can run any OpenGL application with vglrun:
vglrun photoscan-pro/


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