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Correct bounds in 32-bit code.
The 32-bit code was illustrative of the tricks used in the original
curve25519 paper rather than rigorous. However, it has proven quite

This change fixes an issue that Robert Ransom found where outputs between
2^255-19 and 2^255-1 weren't correctly reduced in fcontract. This
appears to leak a small fraction of a bit of security of private keys.

Additionally, the code has been cleaned up to reflect the real-world
needs. The ref10 code also exists for 32-bit, generic C but is somewhat
slower and objections around the lack of qhasm availibility have been
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agl committed Jun 16, 2014
1 parent c22bb55 commit 2647eeba59fb628914c79ce691df794a8edc799f
Showing with 213 additions and 77 deletions.
  1. +213 −77 curve25519-donna.c

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