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This is an encoder for JBIG2.

JBIG2 encodes bi-level (1 bpp) images using a number of clever tricks to get better compression than G4. This encoder can:

  • Generate JBIG2 files, or fragments for embedding in PDFs
  • Generic region encoding
  • Perform symbol extraction, classification and text region coding
  • Perform refinement coding and,
  • Compress multipage documents

It uses the (Apache-ish licensed) Leptonica library:

You'll need version 1.68.

Known bugs

The refinement coding causes Acrobat to crash. It's not known if this is a bug in Acrobat, though it may well be.


See the jbig2enc.h header for the high level API, or the jbig2 program for an example of usage:

$ jbig2 -s -p -v *.jpg && output >out.pdf

to encode jbig2 files for pdf creation. If you want to encode an image and then view output first to include in pdf

$ jbig2 -s -S -p -v -O out.png *.jpg

If you want to encode an image as jbig2 (can be view in STDU Viewer) run:

$ jbig2 -s feyn.tif >feyn.jb2