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Pond is in stasis, and has been for several years. I hope that some of the ideas prove useful in the future, but people should use something better polished and reviewed. I've no plans to shutdown down the default server, but new users should look elsewhere.

The code here is broken down as follows:

  • bbssig contains an implementation of the BBS group signature scheme. This is used in Pond to allow servers to reject messages from non-contacts without the server being able to identify those contacts.
  • bn256cgo contains a wrapping of Naehrig, Niederhagen and Schwabe's pairing library. This is a drop in replacement for the bn256 package from go.crypto and speeds up bbssig. See
  • client contains the Pond GUI and CLI client and package for manipulating state files.
  • doc contains the site in Jekyll format.
  • editstate contains a debugging utility for manipulating state files.
  • panda contains a library for performing shared-key exchanges. It's used by client/ to implement that functionality.
  • protos contains the protocol buffer files for client to server communication.
  • server contains the Pond server.
  • transport contains code to implement the, low-level, client to server transport protocol.