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Set a timeout on key. After the timeout has expired, the key will automatically be deleted. A key with an associated timeout is said to be volatile in Redis terminology.

EXPIREAT has the same effect and semantic as EXPIRE, but instead of specifying the number of seconds representing the TTL (time to live), it takes an absolute UNIX timestamp (seconds since January 1, 1970).


EXPIREAT was introduced in order to convert relative timeouts to absolute timeouts for the AOF persistence mode. Of course, it can be used directly to specify that a given key should expire at a given time in the future.


@integer-reply, specifically:

  • 1 if the timeout was set.
  • 0 if key does not exist or the timeout could not be set (see: EXPIRE).


SET mykey "Hello"
EXISTS mykey
EXPIREAT mykey 1293840000
EXISTS mykey
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