Xavante is a Lua HTTP 1.1 Web server that uses a modular architecture based on URI mapped handlers.
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Xavante 2.2.1

Xavante is a Lua HTTP 1.1 Web server that uses a modular architecture based on
URI mapped handlers. Xavante currently offers a file handler, a redirect
handler and a WSAPI handler. Those are used for general files, URI remapping
and WSAPI applications respectively.

Xavante is free software and uses the same license as Lua.

Xavante can be downloaded from its LuaForge page.

You can also install Xavante using LuaRocks:
luarocks install xavante

The Xavante package provides just the Xavante libraries. To see Xavante in action
install wsapi-xavante from LuaRocks.


Xavante dependencies can be separated by the used handlers:

Xavante Core
* Lua 5.1.4
* Copas 1.1.6
* LuaSocket 2.0

File Handler (optional)
* LuaFileSystem 1.5

The portability of Xavante is determined by its binary components
(LuaSocket and LuaFileSystem) and Lua itself. The other components are written
in Lua and are as portable as Lua itself.


Xavante 2.2.1 [21/Oct/2010]
        * allow 0 as a port value, so the OS assigns one dynamically (contributed by Tim Niemueller
        * bugfixes in CGILua handler

Xavante 2.2.0 [18/Mar/2010]
        * xavante.cgiluahandler now works with WSAPI 1.2/1.3 without needing kepler_init

Xavante 2.1.0 [20/Oct/2009]
	* Fixes security bug on filehandler with ".." used in paths (access to files outside the doc root)
	* Added "reload" option to xavante.cgiluahandler, to force new state for every request 

Xavante 2.0.1 [06/Mar/2009]
        * Fixes bug [#9094] keep-alive connections don't clear cached data between requests (bug report and patch by John Passaniti)
        * redirecthandler now treats query strings correctly (bug report by ændrük).

Xavante 2.0 [23/May/2008]
        * New WSAPI based cgiluahandler
        * Fixed a bug on SAPI.redirect that was not setting the statusline correctly
        * First version using LuaRocks

Xavante 2.0 Beta [21/Nov/2007]
        * Xavante 2.0 Beta is distributed as a Lua module, the command line and Windows launchers are now part of the Kepler distribution
        * If you are using Kepler, it is strongly suggested that you replace your previous Xavante config.lua file with the new one installed by Kepler
        * Allow the definition of the HTTP status by using a "Status" header
        * Added the Connection: close header to every CGILua request in order to avoid confusions on the content size (patch by Ignacio Burgueño)
        * xavante.cgiluahandler now accepts an optional table with global names to be passed to the Ring where the request is processed. If this option is not present it looks for a RINGS_CGILUA_GLOBALS global and uses it.
        * Fixed bug [#1812] - SAPI.Response.Write was not sending all its arguments but the first one (bug found by Ignacio Burgueño)

Xavante 1.3.1 [31/Aug/2007]
        * Replaces the use of the cgi table by cgilua.POST and cgilua.QUERY in the examples
        * Correcting the behavior of coxpcall when used with C functions (patch by Ignacio Burgueño)
        * Correcting issues with chucked encoding. Now it only sends the Transfer-Encoding header when necessary. Correcting the handling of cached files in filehandler. (patches by Ignacio Burgueño)
        * New /web structure, using a dynamic index to documentation in /web/doc/modulename

Xavante 1.3 [24/Aug/2007]
        * Uses Lua 5.1
        * Fixed headers to send the header twice if it's defined twice, instead of concat'ing with commas (previous behavior was broken when sending cookies)
        * Removed the restriction of only handling URLs that corresponded to files in the filesystem. Now cgilua.dispatcher can map URLs like /apps/wiki/... into whatever it needs. Patch by Mauricio Bomfim.
        * Corrected the PATH_INFO handling for cgilua.dispatcher
        * Code refactoring by Thomas Harning (Bug [#767])
        * Better error handling, using io.stderr instead of print
        * Added the correct prefix to error codes (by Zachary P. Landau)
        * Support for caching based on last-modified implemented by Zachary P. Landau, based on the design of HTTP.lua (by PA)
        * Content Encoding handling using encoding.lua as a configuration file, added svgz encoding and content-type
        * Fixed bug [#510] filehandler does not send correct headers for a 404 error (found by Matthew Burke)

Xavante 1.2 [20/Sep/2006]
        * Uses Compat-5.1 Release 5
        * Handles multivalued HTTP headers
        * Added HTTP chunked mode response
        * New startup method, using KEPLER_INIT if available
        * New configuration option for the Xavante startup message
        * Redirection sends a 302 status instead of a 301 (less client caching)
        * Changed xavante/server.lua to xavante/xavante.lua for a simpler require"xavante" instead of require"xavante.server"
        * Uses Rings instead of VEnv in the CGILua handler
        * Minor bug fixes in the CGILua handler

Xavante 1.1 [12/Jul/2005]
        * Sajax
        * Uses Copas.step() to allow more control of the Xavante loop.
        * Uses coxpcall 1.6
        * New documentation with installation examples using Kepler file structure
        * Code cleanup, minor bug fixes

Xavante 1.1 Beta [17/Mar/2005]
        * First public release
        * Refactored to use Copas
        * Source base merged with luahttpd
        * New configuration file with simpler rules

Xavante 1.0 [Feb/2004]
        * (not released to the public)


Xavante 2.0 and 1.3 was implemented by Javier Guerra, André Carregal,
and Fábio Mascarenhas with the help of Ignacio Burgueño, Zachary P. Landau,
Mauricio Bomfim, Matthew Burke, Thomas Harning and others.

Xavante 1.2 was implemented by Javier Guerra, André Carregal,
Fábio Mascarenhas and Leonardo Godinho.

Xavante 1.1 was redesigned and implemented by Javier Guerra and André Carregal.
It merged Javier's work with luahttpd and André's work with Copas and Xavante 1.0.
luahttpd is now part of Xavante.

Xavante 1.0 was designed and implemented by André Carregal as part of the
Kepler Project with contributions from Renato Crivano and Danilo Tuler.
Xavante 1.0 development was sponsored by Fábrica Digital and Hands.