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* AKParser.h
* Created by Andy Lee on Sat Mar 06 2004.
* Copyright (c) 2003, 2004 Andy Lee. All rights reserved.
#import "DIGSFileProcessor.h"
@class AKFramework;
// [agl] add checks for buffer overflow
#define AKTokenBufferSize 1024
* @class AKParser
* @abstract Base class for parsers used to populate the AppKiDo database.
* @discussion An AKParser parses files that contain API information,
* creates database nodes that encapsulate that information,
* and inserts the nodes into an AKDatabase.
* A given instance of AKParser associates all nodes it creates
* with one framework, and inserts all the nodes into that
* framework's database. The framework is assigned by AKParser's
* designated initializer.
* Each subclass of AKParser parses a particular type of file.
* Subclasses must override -parseCurrentFile, and must NOT
* override -processCurrentFile.
* Three protected instance variables -- _dataStart, _current,
* and _dataEnd -- can be used by subclasses in their
* -parseCurrentFile methods. See -parseCurrentFile for
* details.
@interface AKParser : DIGSFileProcessor
AKFramework *_parserFW;
// These protected ivars are only used during parsing. They point to
// various positions in the data being parsed.
const char *_dataStart;
const char *_current;
const char *_dataEnd;
#pragma mark -
#pragma mark Class methods
+ (void)recursivelyParseDirectory:(NSString *)dirPath forFramework:(AKFramework *)aFramework;
+ (void)parseFilesInPaths:(NSArray *)docPaths
underBaseDir:(NSString *)baseDir
forFramework:(AKFramework *)aFramework;
#pragma mark -
#pragma mark Init/awake/dealloc
* @method initWithFramework:
* @discussion Designated initializer.
- (id)initWithFramework:(AKFramework *)aFramework;
#pragma mark -
#pragma mark Parsing
* @method loadDataToBeParsed
* @discussion This method is used internally by -parseCurrentFile. By
* default, it returns the contents of [self currentPath].
* You shouldn't call this method. Subclasses can override it
* if they want to modify the data before it is parsed, or if
* they get their data in some way other than loading the file.
- (NSMutableData *)loadDataToBeParsed;
* @method parseCurrentFile
* @discussion Processes the current file. Subclasses must override this
* method, and must not override -processCurrentFile, which
* calls this method.
* On entry, the file data has been loaded. _dataStart and
* _current point to the first byte in the data, and _dataEnd
* points just after the last byte. Typically, subclasses
* will have lots of loops of the form "while (_current <
* _dataEnd)".
- (void)parseCurrentFile;
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