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Corrected incorrect links pointed out by Gerriet.

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<h2>Version 0.989sp1 (Feb 20, 2012)</h2>
-[ <a href="">download <b>AppKiDo</b> 0.989sp1</a> ]
-[ <a href="">download <b>AppKiDo-for-iPhone</b> 0.989sp1</a> ]
+[ <a href="AppKiDo-0.989sp1.tgz">download <b>AppKiDo</b> 0.989sp1</a> ]
+[ <a href="AppKiDo-for-iPhone-0.989sp1.tgz">download <b>AppKiDo-for-iPhone</b> 0.989sp1</a> ]
<li>Support for the changes in how the Dev Tools are organized as of Xcode 4.3 and 4.4. In Prefs &gt; Dev Tools, you can specify /Applications/Xcode as the location of your Dev Tools.</li>
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