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img Hard coded other profile Dec 17, 2015


Implementation of the backend (For use in Parse JavaScript calls) (I include the important fields here - for the others, check out the Parse dashboard).


objectId - String - unique identifier for each user emailVerified - Boolean - tells whether the user's login has been verified username - String - a user-defined identifier (shuold also be unique) password - String - used as a password, surprisingly email - String - c'mon, you know this one FirstName - String - The first name of the user LastName - String - The last name of the user Posts - Relation - essentially, an array of pointers to posts related to that user. Friends - Relation - basically an array of people this users is friends with ProfilePic - String - the URL of this user's profile picture About - String - Fills in the "About me" section of their user page Skills - Array - Fills in the skills section


Content - String - the actual content of the post Title - String - the title of the post (including username?) Poster - Pointer - points to the user that posted said post Image - String - If there is an image associated with the post, this contains its URL Video - String - If there is a video associated with the post, this contains its URL


Name - String - The name of the group Posts - Relation - Posts made by this group Members - Relation - Users in this group Picture - String - the URL of the profile pic of this group About - String - Fills in the "About Group" section of the page Events - Relation - Events this group is hosting