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Python API Client and CLI for StoplightIO
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Python3 API Client and CLI for StoplightIO


# clone the repo
git clone

# install requests python module used for HTTP calls
pip3 install requests

# move .py to user bin folder
cp stoplightiopy/ ~/bin


To authenticate API requests from the CLI, supply a token using the --token switch:

python --token {token} --build {domain_id}

Or, store the token in an environment variable called SL_API_TOKEN:

# run in terminal or add to .bashrc
export SL_API_TOKEN={token}

python --build {domain_id}

CLI Usage

usage: python [-h] [--build ID [ID ...]] [--token TK]
                             [--domains ID] [--config ID] [--redirects ID] CLI

optional arguments:
  -h, --help           show this help message and exit
  --build ID [ID ...]  build a list of domain ids
  --token TK           StoplightIO API Token
  --domains ID         return a list of domains for project [ID]
  --config ID          get the config for domain [ID]
  --redirects ID       get the redirects for domain [ID]
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