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#Coffer ##What you need, in-a-box

Vagrant templates for your environmental pleasures.


In order to use Coffer's various in-a-boxes, you first need to have Vagrant and VirtualBox installed. These two installations couldn't be any easier. To install Vagrant, simply go to the downloads page and pick your target distribution. Vagrant provisions machines on top of virtual machine providers like VMWare, AWS, and VirtualBox. VirtualBox is free and easy to install -- like Vagrant, simply go to the downloads section and pick your target platform.


Coffer templates are built using Veewee.



Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit. Oracle Java 7 and Elasticsearch 0.90.7.

How to

vagrant box add esinabox https://s3.amazonaws.com/coffers/esinabox.box

This command will download the Elasticsearch-in-a-box template. Once that completes (it'll take a few moments depending on your connection), execute this command:

vagrant init 'esinabox'

Next, fire up Elasticsearch-in-a-box like so:

vagrant up

Now that Elasticsearch-in-a-box is running locally on your machine, you can open up a new terminal and execute RESTful commands like normal because Elasticsearch is running on same ports: 9200 & 9300. So go ahead and execute some queries, like so:

curl -XGET 'http://localhost:9200/_status?pretty=true'

And when you are done, go ahead and tear down the instance like so:

vagrant destroy -f