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Your Dockered Spring Boot example, baby.

For more details, see my blog article entitled Docker Containers With Gradle in 4 Steps.

Running w/o Docker

$ ./gradlew bootRun

Go to localhost:8080 and you'll see a simple message.

Docker'ing it

You'll need to have the docker binary locally w/this particular Gradle Docker plugin.

$ ./gradlew distDocker

This will create a Docker image called aglover/galoshe -- type docker ps after this command finishes and you'll see it.

docker images
REPOSITORY          TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             VIRTUAL SIZE
aglover/galoshe     latest              332e163221bc        3 minutes ago       1.042 GB
dockerfile/java     latest              f9793c257930        3 weeks ago         1.026 GB

Firing it up is as easy as:

$ docker run <image id>

Pretty easy, yeah?