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Senior Capstone Project
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Take a Number

Senior Capstone Project

Take a Number is a suite of applications intended to optimize the rate at which instructors and lab aides provide help to students in computer lab courses at the University of Portland. This project additionally allows instructors to log student's checkpoint progress and sync it to the lab aides.

This is the Android portion of Take a Number. It gives instructors and aides a portable interface to be able to reference throughout a lab and determine which student to help next and mark down a student's progress. There is additional functionaly to export grades to a format readable by Microsoft Excel.

Take a Number Android is made with Android-Java and requires to be run on the same network as the Take a Number Server


Jasypt - To encrypt student checkpoint to data to conform to FERPA regulations

WebSocket - To ensure proper communication between Java, Android-Java, and Javascript

The Server application can be found here

The web page interface can be found here

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