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How can I suggest a new package?

Just open an issue with your suggestion.

How can I create a new package?

You can create a spec repository by forking and renaming template package repo and later on submitting it for inclusion by opening an issue. The last step is only necessary if you want this package to be published on a "central" index. If you want to keep it semi-private, you can just use it from your own index.

Mastering specification

First of all, please take some time to read through README to make sure you understand all the concepts, especially how versioning is done.

Also, even though in Git world you can be crucified for deleting remote tags (release versions in our lingo), in Agner, even not encouraged, this type of action is tolerable if you need to change the specification of an already published release. .agner repos are intended for quick fresh cloning so shuffling tags in them is not that critical. If you do anticiapte anticipate that somebody has a fork of your .agner repo, though, please communicate your tag changes to them, just in case. One of the ways might be adding some README or NOTES file into your .agner repo.

Before commiting your agner.config, please make sure you ran agner verify on it so it passes at least some validity checks.

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