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Agner is a rebar-friendly Erlang package index inspired by Clojars and Homebrew.

Essentially, Agner is an index of Erlang packages with some extra capabilities such as versioning, downloads and so on.

Package names

Package name is just either a package name such as mochiweb, or (in case of github indeces, it might also take a form of account/package, for example yrashk/misultin)


Agner has two kinds of versions:

  • Release versions, normally something like 1.2.0, represented using tags in .agner repos
  • Flavour versions, normally something like @release, represented using branches in .agner repos


agner list [-d/--descriptions]

agner spec [package name] [-v/--version package_version]

agner fetch [package name] [destination directory] [-v/--version package_version]

agner versions [package name]


Agner-compatible rebar is available at agner branch of agner/rebar. Or you can download ready-made rebar from agner itself.

Using it with rebar is fairly simple, it uses rebar's deps feature:

{deps, [
          {typespecs, "0.1", {agner, "typespecs"}},
          {getopt, "0.3.0", {agner, "getopt"}}

You can also specify your own indices:

{agner_indices, [{github, "yourgithubusername"},{github,"agner"}].


Please read at the (wiki)[].

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