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@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ also pays homage to the Danish statistician Agner Krarup Erlang.
-If you are looking for a simple oneliner to install `agner` here it is:
+It is just a matter of a simple oneliner to get agner installed.
curl | sh
@@ -24,18 +24,6 @@ If you want to install latest release instead of HEAD, use this one:
If your `/usr/local` isn't writeable to your user, either set your AGNER_PREFIX variable
to point to some writeable location or use `sudo sh`.
-This is a quite recommended way as it installs proper `agner` package.
-In order to install, simply run `make` and `make install` (it will
-install to `/usr/local/bin`).
-If you are a **Homebrew** user on **OS X**,
-feel free to use it:
-`brew install`
-or `brew install --HEAD`
-(if you want the very best and newest).
-As of the time of this writing, agner formula hasn't been merged into the official repo yet.
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