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1 parent b4b1965 commit 44c0d1ea49943a5081aab4693cc6ee286748b8f3 @yrashk yrashk committed Jan 28, 2011
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@@ -167,6 +167,12 @@ example from before, it would be natural to have a *@dev* flavour
which tracks the Erlang/OTP branch called `dev`. The other important
flavour is *@release* which will track the latest release.
+Also, command line utility and agner-enabled rebar will recognize
+'atleast:VERSION' format (for example, 'atleast:1.5.0') and will use
+the latest version after 'VERSION' (so, if some package already has a
+version of '1.6', 'atleast:1.5.0' will select '1.6'. This is mostly
+for scenarios when '@release' flavour is absent or broken.
### How to create relases and flavours
As hinted, a release version is a *tag* in a `.agner` repository. So

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