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@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ Command invocation
Print a command overview on the command line. If the optional
COMMAND is given, show help for the given command.
+#### Listing:
agner list [-d/--descriptions] [-p/--properties PROPERTY1[,PROPERTY2]...]
[-s/--search SEARCH_TERM]
@@ -97,7 +97,7 @@ A convenience command is:
This is an alias for `agner list -s`
+#### Spec'ing
agner spec PACKAGE [-v/--version VERSION] [-b/--browser]
[-h/--homepage] [-p/--property PROPERTY]
@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ instead of a full specification (example: `agner spec -p rebar_compatible yaws`)
maintainers. This way they can specify their local `agner.config`
files to test their package.
+#### Fetching, building and installing
agner fetch PACKAGE [DESTDIR] [-v/--version VERSION] [-b/--build]
[-a/--add-path] [-i/--install]
@@ -154,43 +154,37 @@ Alias for `agner fetch --build --install PACKAGE /tmp/<uniq_filename>`. A typica
or `agner install rebar -v @agner` to get `rebar` binary in your PATH. It is assumed that `install_command`
property will make use of AGNER_PREFIX OS environment variable (which defaults to `/usr/local`).
+#### Uninstalling
agner uninstall PACKAGE [-v/--version VERSION] [-s/--spec-file SPECFILE]
Uninstall given package (and a particular VERSION of it, if
specified). Will use local SPECFILE if `--spec-file`/`-s` option is passed.
+#### Query
agner versions PACKAGE [--no-flavours] [--no-releases]
List the versions of the given `PACKAGE`. Specifying `--no-flavours`
will omit flavour versions; and specifying `--no-releases` will omit
release versions respectively.
agner prefix PACKAGE [-v/--version VERSION]
Prints prefix where package is installed. If package is not installed, prints nothing.
agner config [VARIABLE]
Shows main environmental variables. If `VARIABLES` is omitted, then lists `key=value` for each variable. If not omitted,
prints just its value. Currently supported variables are: `prefix` and `bin`.
+#### Packaging
agner create PACKAGE [--github-account ACCOUNT]
Contributor's tool that clones `.agner` repo template and sets its origin to ACCOUNT (by default, equals `agner`,
so if you don't have a permission to create repos in `agner`, set --github-account to your personal or organization account.
agner verify [SPEC FILENAME (agner.config by default)]
Verify specification file for correctness; intended to be used to package maintainers to simplify

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