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Commits on Jan 28, 2011
  1. @yrashk

    Bumping version up to 0.2.5

    yrashk authored
  2. @yrashk
  3. @yrashk
  4. @yrashk
  5. @yrashk
  6. @yrashk

    fetch --compile should also get dependencies for rebar packages, just…

    yrashk authored
    … in case if there are any
  7. @yrashk
  8. @yrashk

    Merge branch 'optparse-handle-missing-arg' of…

    yrashk authored
    …is/agner into jlouis-optparse-handle-missing-arg
  9. @yrashk
  10. @jlouis

    Improve error handling, be meaningful on missing opt args.

    jlouis authored
    When missing an option argument, the system normally died. This prints
    out a helpful error message in the event. It also slightly reorders
    the option parsing, so it takes place before the start()/stop()
    sequence. In principle this lets us bail out faster.
  11. @yrashk
  12. @jlouis
  13. @jlouis

    Make 'agner' output a useful usage listing.

    jlouis authored
    Reap the benefits of the preceding commits: Output a usage list where
    the valid, supported, commands are included. Note that adding a
    command to the parser will automatically extend the usage output.
  14. @yrashk
  15. @jlouis

    Transform the command-line parser into data.

    jlouis authored
    Rather than write code which acts as data, transform the code into
    data and write code acting on the data. This paves the way for
    outputting the commands in the usage.
  16. @yrashk
  17. @jlouis

    Don't use our own tmpfile(3) implementation

    jlouis authored
    Even though the one in the stdlib is not much better.
  18. @jlouis

    Gather option parsing into the parsing primitives.

    jlouis authored
    Rather than have option parsing spread out over the command handler
    function, gather all calls into a single point. This means that all
    option parsing is now handled in one place.
  19. @jlouis

    Split agner:main/1 into its constituents.

    jlouis authored
    The agner:main/1 function actually did several things at once:
    * Provided parsing of command-line options
    * Provided handling of commands
    * Printed out general usage
    This change splits the concerns. First, we add a function to parse the
    command line options and internalize them. Next, we alter the
    command-handlers to match on the parsed variant. The change also
    allows us to hoist the start()/stop() invocation to main/1 and only do
    that in one place.
    Further, the change paves the way for a more consistent option parsing
    and argument handling further down the road.
  20. @yrashk

    Internal change: finally renamed branch versions to flavours and tag …

    yrashk authored
    …versions to release versions to match the actual glossary.
  21. @yrashk
  22. @yrashk
  23. @yrashk
  24. @yrashk
  25. @yrashk

    Merge branch 'cleanup-gen-servers' of

    yrashk authored
    …into jlouis-cleanup-gen-servers
  26. @jlouis

    Hint Emacs that the Tab Stop of the files are 4 spaces.

    jlouis authored
    I default the tab-size to 8 here - and many other will do the same. To
    avoid trouble, we simply hint Emacs what the intended size of a tab is
    (4) and let it handle tabs and spaces. It also opens for dropping more
    settings to coerce Emacs into being nice.
  27. @yrashk
  28. @jlouis
  29. @jlouis

    Internalize the API of agner_server

    jlouis authored
    Rather than letting users of the agner_server call gen_server:call/2,
    make the API explicit in agner_server.
  30. @yrashk
  31. @yrashk
Commits on Jan 27, 2011
  1. @yrashk
  2. @yrashk
  3. @yrashk
  4. @yrashk

    Added a clause for GitHub's 403 status code (normally used when API r…

    yrashk authored
    …ate limit is exceeded). There's nothing we can do about this at the moment. I tried lifting this limit for agner, but no luck.
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