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mochijson downloads all of mochiweb #251

aberman opened this Issue · 3 comments

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It seems silly to list both mochijson and mochiweb when they are doing the same thing. I was expecting mochijson to only download mochijson2 which would absolutely be my preference as I only need the JSON parser. Is there any way to modify the agner file to only download the one file?


mochijson's package build procedure removes all files that are not relevant to JSON parser (, so I don't see anything silly there.

Or did I misunderstand your question?


Yeah, that's fair that it only compiles the necessary files, but it actually downloads the entire mochiweb repository, so it just seems like a waste to do that. But this is minor.


Well, there's no way to clone a repo partially.

@yrashk yrashk closed this
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