agner installer leaves items in /tmp #268

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                   agner316722                                              agner813837
                agner329794                                              agner828606
 agner364303                                              agner833427
agner                                                    agner37645                                               agner837476
agner.09ZtSI                                             agner400025                                              agner854278
agner.IrlJX1                                             agner408613                                              agner862677
agner.KsufVH                                             agner410389                                              agner864538
agner.dbTtpk                                             agner41404                                               agner866387
agner.pJtca1                                             agner428948                                              agner87726
agner.wWk44J                                             agner455204                                              agner890367
agner1005571                                             agner494352                                              agner890439
agner1006147                                             agner498527                                              agner894225
agner11411                                               agner517464                                              agner908998
agner13749                                               agner529922                                              agner927055
agner138628                                              agner548036                                              agner959391
agner140619                                              agner592967                                              agner967753
agner150404                                              agner608083                                              agner992873
agner159182                                              agner615853                                           
agner169655                                              agner618778                                           
agner19246                                               agner628337                                            
agner206384                                              agner642513                                              launch-0Pxcq6
agner212921                                              agner64680                                               launch-DkUF0D
agner240206                                              agner656935                                              launch-mmTcWB
agner253612                                              agner659724                                              launch-rK16j5
agner257301                                              agner670875                                              launch-vimGwi
agner266475                                              agner673571                                              launchd-1501.f9St1z
agner268734                                              agner68177                                               launchd-2589.kbLVYR
agner275798                                              agner708676                                              launchd-29495.tJhjwr
agner283842                                              agner748348                                              riak
agner294725                                              agner751483                                              ssh-cPAEu9igIU
agner299078                                              agner763933                                              ssh-rJw6YBfyuY
agner303020                                              agner766973                                             
agner311878                                              agner786943                                             
agner313852                                              agner789472                                             ```
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