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@@ -138,6 +138,7 @@ usage() ->
OptSpec = [
{command, undefined, undefined, string, "Command to be executed (e.g. spec)"}
+ io:format("*** Agner: ~s~n", [agner_backcronym()]),
getopt:usage(OptSpec, "agner", "[options ...]"),
io:format("Valid commands are:~n", []),
[io:format(" ~-10s ~s~n", [Cmd, Desc]) || {Cmd, Desc} <- command_descriptions()].
@@ -405,4 +406,76 @@ temp_name() ->
%% Yes, the temp_name function lives in the test_server, go figure!
+agner_backcronym() ->
+ random:seed(erlang:now()),
+ N = random:uniform(length(backcronyms())),
+ lists:nth(N, backcronyms()).
+backcronyms() ->
+ ["A Giant Nebula of Erlang Repositories",
+ "A Giant Network of Erlang Repositories",
+ "A Glorified Nest of Erlang Repositories",
+ "A Google of Nerdy Erlang Researchers",
+ "A Groovy Nirvana of Erlang Research",
+ "Alpha Grade Neurogenic Erlang Recoder",
+ "Altered Gravity Nebula of Erlang Results",
+ "Advancing the Galaxy of Native Erlang Resources",
+ "Absolutely the Greatest of Naked Erlang Results",
+ "Altering the Genetics of Native Erlang Roaches",
+ "Abducting the Greatest of Nascent Erlang Repositories",
+ "Algebraic Grouping of Net Erlang Returns",
+ "Able Giraffes Needed for Erlang Research",
+ "All Gurus Needed for Erlang Recreation",
+ "A Group of New Erlang Recruits",
+ "A Geiger for Nuclear Erlang Research",
+ "All Grapplers Near Erlang Retreat",
+ "A Grenade Near Erlangs Radius",
+ "As Github Narrows Erlang Requests",
+ "Alcoholic Github Negates Erlang Redundancy",
+ "Abuse Grows Now Erlang's Relieved",
+ "A Giddy Nerd on Erlang Retreat",
+ "Alcohol, Gin, and a Numb Erlang Result",
+ "Ability Gains Net Erlang Returns",
+ "Awesome Group; Now Enjoy and Relax",
+ "Army Generals, Never Enjoy Rest",
+ "Acknowledge Gerbils in Nuclear Erlang Reactor",
+ "A Gross Nephew Eats Raccoons",
+ "A Gorilla Never Eats Rabbits",
+ "A Grappler Needs Exceptional Restraint",
+ "A Graph Near Equal Required",
+ "All Garbage Near Erlang RELOCATE!",
+ "All Graduates Need Erlang Résumés",
+ "Automatically Guillotine Non-Erlang Responsibilities",
+ "Al Gore Needs Environmental Repairs",
+ "A Genius Needed to Evolve Relativity",
+ "A Gentleman Never Encourages Rebuilds",
+ "Awk Greets New Erlang Repositories",
+ "All Grain Nutrition Except Rice",
+ "A Gentler Newer Erlang Rebar",
+ "Accidents Get Nearly Epic Repercussions",
+ "All Gravity Near Erlang Restored",
+ "Artificial Gravity Nacelle Enhanced Rockets",
+ "All Grinning Not Erlang Related",
+ "A Game Network Echo Responder",
+ "Al Green Needs Ear Reception",
+ "Auto Guided Nuclear Enhanced Rockets",
+ "All Grid Network Engineers Recalled",
+ "A Growing Need for Einstein's Return",
+ "A Guru Needs Erlang's Results",
+ "Apple Gravy Nearly Enhances Ravioli",
+ "A Growing Need to Edit Reports",
+ "A Growl Nearly Escaped Release",
+ "A Good Nurse Earns Respect",
+ "Addicted Gamblers Never Enjoy Returns",
+ "A Game Needing Enhanced Reflexes",
+ "Agner Got New Erlang Releases",
+ "A Great Nocturnal Erlang Release",
+ "A Grave Never Entertains Relatives",
+ "A Grenade Near Enemies Revenges",
+ "Accidently Gored Now Entrails Released",
+ "Asimov Grasped Neurally Enhanced Robots",
+ "Anti Gravity Networks Effect Range",
+ "Agner Guarantees Near Erlang Recreation",
+ "Agner Gains Ninja Erlang Reputation",
+ "Agner Gives Ninja Erlang Reflexes"].