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Now rebar can be built out of agner

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1 parent 2975334 commit 995b8dcf439e4c120f1ab11858db9dc36d1fbe78 @yrashk yrashk committed Feb 24, 2011
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4 agner.config
@@ -3,8 +3,8 @@
{description, "A sophisticated build-tool for Erlang projects that follows OTP principles"}.
{homepage, ""}.
{license, "Apache License 2.0", "LICENSE"}.
-{url, {git, "", {branch, "agner"}}}.
+{url, {git, "", {branch, "master"}}}.
{applications, [rebar]}.
-{install_command, "mkdir -p $AGNER_INSTALL_PREFIX/bin && cp ./rebar $AGNER_INSTALL_PREFIX/bin/"}.
+{install_command, "mkdir -p $AGNER_INSTALL_PREFIX/bin && cp ./agner $AGNER_INSTALL_PREFIX/bin/rebar"}.
{bin_files, ["bin/rebar"]}.
{build_command, "make"}.

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