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Base32 encoding for JavaScript, based (loosely) on Crockford's Base32
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Base 32 encoding/decoding for JavaScript

Base 32 is between hexadecimal notation and Base 64 encoding. It's intended to be a human-friendly -- you don't have to worry about punctuation, capitalization, or letters/numbers that are easy to confuse, making it easier to transmit in handwriting or over the phone.

One of the primary purposes is to have aesthetically pleasing SHA1 hashes. Compare:

Hex: 17O57684bea1f9331418b633a8f373119d765fd4
B64: xE_ptB5SeclHm8JEsD0-ST1mTBM
B32: 2w2qd15ym7wk650rprtuh4vk26eqcqym

Try giving out the Base 64 hash over the phone! "lowercase 'x', capital 'E', underscore, lowercase 'p', ..." Base 32 will work the same with upper- or lowercase, you can mistake a number for a similar-looking letter, and it will still decode to the same data.

Getting started

In your shell, install with npm:

$ npm install base32

In your code:

var base32 = require('base32')

// simple api

var encoded = base32.encode('some data to encode')
var decoded = base32.decode(encoded)

// streaming api
this.encoder = new Base32.encoder()
this.dataCallback = function(chunk) {
this.closeCallback = function(chunk) {
  this.emit(this.finish()) // flush any remaining bits

// easy sha1 hash
var hash = base32.sha1(some_data_to_hash) // DONE.

On the command-line:

$ base32 -h
Usage: base32 [input_file] [-o output_file] [-d|--decode] [-s|--sha]
$ echo "Hello World" | base32
$ echo 'axqqeb10d5u20wk5c5p6ry90exqq4uvk44' | base32 -d
Wow, it really works!
$ base32 -s test/*
ky2t1raumjn9cghne773petngx3zz3q7  test/
6b4bkjaveddmg5jh7hnyw132yht20g6e  test/

Warning: this is a Base 32 implementation, not the Base 32 implementation

There are about (128 choose 32) different specifications of something called "Base 32" - see Wikipedia for some of them.

This is just one that should be simple, less error-prone, and streamable (for Node).


  • The encoding alphabet consists of the numerals 0-9 and the letters a-z, excluding a few letters that might look like numbers:

    I -> 1 L -> 1 O -> 0 S -> 5

  • When decoding, capital letters are converted to lowercase and the "ambiguous" letters mentioned above converted to their numeric counterparts.

  • Each character corresponds to 5 bits of input.
  • Lexicographic order of strings is preserved through Base 32 encoding.


Fork as much as you like, I'm more than amenable to pull requests. I'm trying to keep it reasonably node-ish, so bear that in mind.

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