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Deploy heroku-style apps to ec2 with minimal fuss.
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STATUS: Prototype

Deploy heroku-style apps to ec2 with minimal fuss.

Working with nodejs apps. Currently builds the app, but does not do deployment yet.


  • ubuntu box
  • foreman
  • libssl0.9.8 (for nodejs)


  • This code is installed in /var/fauxroku/deploy.
  • Heroku buildpacks available in /var/fauxroku/buildpacks.
  • Bare repos installed in $HOME
  • Apps get deployed to /var/fauxroku/apps/$APPNAME/$GIT_HASH

how to use

./create-app $APP # creates a new bare repo with appropriate git hooks
./deploy-app $APP $GIT_HASH # manually deploy $APP at revision $GIT_HASH

mit license

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