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error: unknown option `local` #1

intarstudents opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Every time I run "git dropbox" I get:

error: unknown option `local'
usage: git config [options]

But after that everything works fine and Dropbox/git/resp.git is created.
git version 1.7.1


Hmm, interesting. So, the reason that happens is that the script runs

git config --local dropbox.repo

to see if there's a local config override. Basically, though by default all repos land in the same folder, you can override it on a per-repo basis.

Apparently, this is only supported in newer versions of git. I'd recommend upgrading anyway, just out of principle, but I'm glad you brought this up.

Possible solutions:

  1. Just don't use --local - potentially users could accidentally set a global config, which would make all repos try to mirror to the same place. Not likely, but really bad behavior.
  2. Make people use newer version of git - I'd like this to work (within reason) on any 1.7.x
  3. Do some sort of version sniffing, and let users with older versions of git deal with the problem in #1 if it happens - hrm.
  4. Suppress the error message - I like it. You'll need a git that supports the --local flag to use the dropbox.repo override, but that seems like an okay trade-off.

Suppress error message for git config --local

Closed by 492bd9c


By the way, big thanks for filing the issue! I love getting feedback. Hope you like the script!

Also, if you want the latest version all the time without running curl to get it, you can clone it and do a make link (makes a symlink) or make install (copies it) as needed. Not officially advertised in the README yet, but it's there. ;-)


Yep, that fixes it!

"By the way, big thanks for filing the issue! I love getting feedback." me too like that ;)

This issue was closed.
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