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  • FIXED: Default reporters were incorrectly cased, making them impossible to lookup


  • Major rewrite internally


  • Fix bug where process wouldn't exit correctly


  • Add support for 'pending' tag (you can add it to fenced code blocks)
  • Fix -v version output


  • Add a new 'quiet' mode with -q
  • Internal clean-up


  • Allow raw interpolation of bindings into strings using [$BINDING]


  • Added -w flag, allowing you to overwrite the file with ok/fail annotations
  • Marked the package as compatible with node.js >0.6


  • Depend on JSONExp from npm
  • Refer to JSONExp documentation in the README
  • Replace the misleading "variables" with "bindings"
  • Continuous testing on Travis CI


  • Fix for broken npm publish - most files were not included correctly


  • Rebrand to LiterAPI by agnoster, instead of WunderAPI by 6Wunderkinder
  • Move to node 0.8.x


  • Fix bug where only one pattern would get matched per key in request
  • Added test for multiple occurrences of a capture in request and response


  • Fix bug where [] and {} would incorrectly match null
  • Fix bug where -a flag would crash
  • Correct usage information
  • Exit status 2 if any tests errored, 3 if there were both errors and broken test
  • Major refactor to the JSON expression matching
    • JSONExp is now its own class, will later be split into own module
    • Variables will now be checked for identity even in the context in which they are declared
    • Substring variable replacement no longer supported


  • Fix bug where empty content would cause nginx to choke
  • Default output now shows only errors
  • To show all cases, including success, use -a flag
  • The -p flag for running suites in parallel is disabled to workaround Vows
  • Exit status of the process reflects test status:
    • 0 (OK) if all tests passed
    • 1 (FAIL) if any are broken or errored
  • Output now shows actual JSON response if there is a mismatch


  • Improved README
  • Fix bug where headers would all behave like the last header
  • Handle empty bodies when detecting where the next request/response begins in markdown
  • Run tests serially by default, add -p flag to run in parallel
  • Add -h flag for help, also show usage if not enough parameters are given


  • Major refactor to allow concurrent test runs (previously all runs would share a variable space)
  • Added -v flag to get version number


  • Requests and responses can now be interleaved without explicitly ending the blocks
  • Fixed bug where using the root path (like "GET /") wouldn't work
  • Capture an error for non-JSON data
  • Fixed bug where missing fields would not cause failure
  • Changed glob syntax:
    • * is for matching any value
    • ... is for matching any additional keys in an object
  • Expected responses that do not parse as JSON are checked for literal string match with the actual response


  • Added capture pattern '...', matches anything
  • Fixed a bug where multiple captures wouldn't be matched


  • Command-line tool wunderapi is provided
  • Added variable capture and substitution
  • Compile vows directly, without eval()


  • Markdown parsing
  • Generate and run vows tests
  • Basic testing with a sample journey app