[DEFUNCT] A one-step installer for a fully-functioning node.js development environment
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✣ nodeready

STATUS: DEFUNCT - Once upon a time, node was hard to install. Nowadays, nodejs.org even offers binary downloads. This project was still fun, I got to play around with interleaving bash and HTML to create a page that also functioned as a shell script installer (on multiple systems).

Future plans: I might extract/repurpose the threading, the github page generation, and/or the cross-platform POSIX installer thingy.

nodeready is a one-step installer for a fully-functioning node.js development environment.

U=http://agnoster.github.com/nodeready/;(curl $U||wget -O - $U||lynx -source $U)|bash

Just copy-and-paste that crazy little snippet into your terminal, and watch the magic* begin!

* Magic only available on POSIX-compliant systems. If you have to ask: Yes, it works on Macs, and no, it doesn't work on Windows. If you try running this on Windows, the best you can hope for is herpes.

What does it install?

  1. nvm -- Tim Caswell's Node Version Manager
  2. node -- The latest, greatest version (0.4.2, as of this writing)
  3. npm -- Isaac Z. Schlueter's Node Package Manager

And then?

Run node!

$ node
> process.version
> function fib(n){return (n>2)?(fib(n-1)+fib(n-2)):n;}; fib(10);

I can't believe how evented that is!

And then?

Install packages with npm!

$ npm ls installed
npm info it worked if it ends with ok
npm info using npm@0.2.15
npm info using node@v0.4.2
npm@0.2.15                A package manager for node    =isaacs active installed remote package manager modules install package.json
npm ok
$ npm install zappa #amirite?

And then and then and then and then?

Use nvm to get the latest node!

$ nvm sync
# syncing with nodejs.org... done.
NEW latest: v0.4.2
$ nvm install latest
$ nvm alias default v0.4.2

And much, much more! Use nvm help and npm help, they are your friend. Remember: nvm manages your installs of node, and npm manages the packages.


nodeready installs everything to ~/.nvm/, owned by your user.

  • Pro: you don't need to sudo, and it's easy to clean up (just rm -rf ~/.nvm)
  • Con: maybe you wanted a system-wide version. Weirdo.

nodeready is highly experimental, and comes with no guarantee, express or implied, that your use of it won't result in adverse effects up to and including the end of life as we know it.

Side-effects of nodeready may also include horked node installations, blurry vision, feelings of giddy elation, irresistable attractiveness to members of any and all desirable sexes, low birth weight, high birth weight, and triskaidekaphobia.

Whoa, whoa, who died and made you God?

This is opinionated software. I like not having to faff around with sudo, being able to test against multiple language versions at the drop of a hat, and managing my package dependencies with a package.json file. So this script installs node using nvm, so that you can install any version you want in the future.

So what exactly does it do?

  1. Create ~/.nvm
  2. Download nvm.sh to ~/.nvm
  3. Load nvm in .bashrc or .bash_profile
  4. Use nvm to install the latest version of node
  5. nvm installs npm in the latest node
  6. Set latest version of node to be loaded by default

It broke

Comrade, you should know that nodeready is infallible. But before you are escorted by our friendly agents to your new home in the JSON mines, please share the output from .nodeready.log, preferably on the issues page. Or email the log to nodeready@agnoster.net. Or if you just want to vent you can yell @nodeready on twitter.

I meant, my wife's water broke

Oh! That's different. You're lucky that nodeready is also a trained obstetrician.


To Joshua Frye, creator of Rails Ready and, unless I'm misremembering, the spleen. Both were great inspirations for nodeready.


Fork off! (and submit pull requests back for cool stuff) nodeready is under the MIT License - I tried to make a license that required offerings in slinkies, but my lawyers assure me that neither they, nor any such licenses, exist.

Don't be evil, or at least, not in a bad way. And whenever possible, make html pages that are also shell scripts, or shell commands that are also tweets.