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Changes in v1.4.5:
- automake: fix missing/extra distroed files
- autoconf: add silent mode
- wimaxll_cb_ctx: move to internal.h to wimaxll.h (fixing bug #20)
Changes in v1.4.4:
- Misc small fixes
- Add RPM spec files
Changes in v1.4.3:
- Fixes for systems with multiple WiMAX devices
- add 'state-get' command
- miscellaneous small fixes
Changes in v1.4.2:
- Replace most commands with a single, unified one (wimaxll), plugin
expandable and much more consistent.
- Introduce a separate library (libwimaxll-i2400m) with helpers
specific to the Intel 2400 WiMAX Connection.
- Many helpers added to libwimaxll.
- Add ability to open a handle that will listen for callbacks from
any interface.
Changes in v1.4.1:
- Fail to open if the interface is not WiMAX
- Add mk-archive for preparing release tarballs
Changes in v1.3.96:
- Use the netlink controller for gaining multicast groups knowledge.
- Fix handling of ack/nlerr -- we don't need RP_RESULT anymore.
- Remove deprecated libwimax interface, all clients should have moved
to libwimaxll.
Changes in v1.3.97:
- Move to use a single WiMAX family for all the adapters (following
the kernel as requested by the community). Interfaces are now
addresed with an attribute indicating the interface index.
Changes in v1.3.98:
- Make callbacks seen by the user take a void pointer instead of an
specific type that has to be wrapped.
- Namespace cleanups.
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