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Mods ServerPacks

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The mod serves additional graphics packs for mods to clients

The mod scans the mod configuraions for an entry "serverPacks" and generates download links for those packs and will send the download links to all connecting clients.

The mod opens an HTTP server to handle the download requests.

Configuration options

See HTTPServer

Advanced usage

To reduce server load an external proxy can be used to serve the pack download.

  • Set publicServerAddress and publicServerPort to point to the proxy
  • Setup the proxy to forward "/packs/*" links to the game servers external address and serverport
  • The file names are SHA-1 hashes of the file contents. The proxy can be configured to never validate the file again

Any announced download links will point to the proxy and will be served by the proxy. Only the first download will be redirected from the proxy to the server. All following download can be served by the proxy alone.

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