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Mods SpellMod

Alexander Gottwald edited this page Jan 21, 2018 · 4 revisions


The SpellMod changes priest and spell restrictions.


Configuration sample

Improve and continue restrictions

The improve and continue restrictions for priests are removed. There is no option to keep those restrictions in place.

Specific faith restrictions

The specific faith restrictions like paving or mining are removed if the option removePriestRestrictions is not set to false.


Available spells

A priest has access to all spells if the option allowAllSpells is not set false. A priest has access to all spells of its light if the option allowLightSpells is not set to false.


Favor costs

Favor costs for spells can be limited to the the value of favorLimit. Setting a favorLimit of 90 will limit the favor cost of spells like lifetransfer to 90 and makes it castable without linking.


Praying restrictions

The praying delay of 20 minutes can be removed with the option noPrayerDelay. The limit of 5 prayers per day can be removed with the option unlimitedPrayers.

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