UI for created and download reports in Laravel
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Requirements : PHP verison >= 7.1.0 Laravel version >= 5.5

What is it?

This is package offers ready UI and some code, for reports.

Reports will be with extensions: pdf, xlxs, xls, csv .

In the paradigm Laravel, we make reprots and write code. It's just!


composer require agoalofalife/reports
php artisan reports:install


In file config/app.php select your language.

The package provides two languages:

  • ru
  • en

Blade and UI

In your template, you need to paste the code



You have to add cron, how separete process.

// App\Console\Kernel
use agoalofalife\Reports\Console\ParseReportsCommand;


The development process

You create new file report:

php artisan make:report NameReport

Insert in config config/reports.php :

  'reports' => [

Fill the class:

namespace App\Reports;

use agoalofalife\Reports\Contracts\HandlerReport;
use agoalofalife\Reports\Report;

class TestReport extends Report implements HandlerReport
     * Disk for filesystem
     * @var string
    public $disk = 'public';

     * Format export : xls, xlsx, pdf, csv
     * @var string
    public $extension = 'xlsx';

     * Get file name
     * @return string
    public function getFilename() : string
        return 'TestReport';

     * Get title report
     * @return string
    public function getTitle() : string
        return 'Test';

     * Get description report
     * @return string
    public function getDescription() : string
        return 'Description test report';

     * @param $excel
     * @return bool
    public function handler($excel) : bool
      $excel->sheet('Sheetname', function ($sheet) {
                array('test1', 'test2'),
                array('test3', 'test4')
      return true;

Property $disk, name disk in filesystem.

Property $extension, type extension your file.

Method getFilename accordingly return name file.

Method getTitle return name title in UI.

Method getDescription return description in UI.

Method handler is base method. Package use external package.

Method is a small wrapper.


Once the report is ready, you can send notification.

For this you need to implement interface agoalofalife\Reports\Contracts\NotificationReport.

Method getNotifiable return notifiable, which has a method routeNotificationFor.

And method getNotification, return Notification type.

    // implements agoalofalife\Reports\Contracts\NotificationReport
    public function getNotifiable()
        return User::where('email', 'test@gmail.com')->get()->first();

    public function getNotification(): Notification
        return new InvoicePaid();
// app/User.php

    public function routeNotificationForSlack($notification)
        return 'hook';