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Agoda's standards and practices for C# code
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Code quality and standards

We'll use this repo to discuss and record our decisions for improving and standardizing our code at Agoda.

  • What do we have so far? See the docs.
  • Something bugging you? Create an issue.
  • Want to contribute? Send a pull request.
  • Want to discuss something in general? See you on #code-quality.

Source for diagrams:


  • All front end devs are invited to attend and participate in our weekly discussions.
  • We'll generally tackle one topic each week, for which we'll create a Github issue.
  • We discuss the problem in the abstract, and then how to implement propsed solutions in our codebase.
  • We add outcomes from the meeting to the Github issue for further discussion and ratification to be performed by the core standardization group.
  • Once ratified, the issue becomes an Official Agoda Standard®.
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