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Releases: agoldst/dfr-browser

v0.8.1 alpha

09 Aug 16:21
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Supports toggling between multiple models and/or multiple choices for the conditioning metadata variable. The README explains the new configuration necessary for this option. This release should be backwards-compatible with data files/configurations for browsing a single model. In conjunction with this, I have updated the dfrtopics R package to export the necessary data files for more than one model at once.


08 Jun 17:00
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A significant reorganization of the code, in order to make it possible to show topics conditioned on something other than year of publication. With the appropriate configuration in info.json, any metadata variable can be substituted in the graphs of conditional distributions, with some parameters to adjust the discretizing of time or continuous numerical variables.

I have done some testing but am designating this release as alpha in the hopes that it will cause more bugs to appear.