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Sample - JAX-WS - End Points

Purpose of this sample

The purpose of this sample is to show that you can have an EJB and a Servlet endpoint on a SOAP Web Service

Compile and package

Being Maven centric, you can compile and package it with mvn clean compile, mvn clean package or mvn clean install. The package and install phase will automatically trigger the unit tests. Once you have your war file, you can deploy it.

Deploy the sample

This sample has been tested with GlassFish 4.0.0 in several modes :

  • GlassFish runtime : download GlassFish, install it, start GlassFish (typing asadmin start-domain) and once the application is packaged deploy it (using the admin console or the command line asadmin deploy target/sampleArquilianWytiwyr.war)
  • GlassFish embedded : use the GlassFish Maven Plugin by running mvn clean package embedded-glassfish:run

Execute the sample

EJB Web Services endpoints do not have specified context root. So depending on you app server the WSDL location will be different. To set the context root in GlassFish I use the glassfish-ejb-jar.xml file. Once deployed you can access the WSDL at the following URLs :

Test the sample

Use SOAPUI to test both Web Services or GlassFish Tester facility :

antonio goncalves