Google WebFont selection drop-down widget for jQuery UI.
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jQuery UI widget: Google WebFont selector

Based very loosely on Tom Moor's plugin for selecting Google's hosted fonts from a dynamically-generated drop-down list. This version uses jQuery UI's widget factory to provide the standard tools for accessing and manipulating the plugin's state programmatically.


  1. Include jQuery, jQuery UI, and the Google WebFont loader on your page.
  2. Create a regular text input to use as the font selector (it may be prefilled with the name of a font).
  3. Invoke $.gwfselect on the input. You can call this with no arguments to allow all available Google web fonts to be selected, or pass a config object with a fonts array to specify an explicit font list, e.g. { fonts: ['Amaranth', 'Artifika', 'Averia Libre'] }. View available fonts...


View the index.html file in this repository for examples of the plugin in use.


  • 2012-01-13 -- Initial public release (no version number).
  • 2012-05-14 -- Version 1.1; lazily loads font list from Google's servers when it is first required by a widget.


© 2012-2014 Jack Letourneau. See LICENSE.txt for license info.