A Nokogiri-based scraper of Battle.net profiles. Currently this only includes Starcraft2.
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BnetScraper is a Nokogiri-based scraper of Battle.net profile information. Currently this only includes Starcraft2.


Run gem install bnet_scraper or add gem 'bnet_scraper' to your Gemfile.


Say you have the URL of a Battle.net account you would like to scrape. To begin, create an instance of BnetScraper::Starcraft2::ProfileScraper, passing it the URL. Calling the #scrape method returns a new BnetScraper::Starcraft2::Profile object with the basic information.

scraper = BnetScraper::Starcraft2::ProfileScraper.new(url: 'http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/profile/2377239/1/Demon/')
profile = scraper.scrape

profile.class.name # => BnetScraper::Starcraft2::Profile
profile.achievement_points # => 3760
profile.account # => 'Demon'

Once you have a BnetScraper::Starcraft2::Profile object, you can easily access other information for scraping thanks to syntactic sugar. This includes leagues, achievements, and match history.

scraper = BnetScraper::Starcraft2::ProfileScraper.new(url: 'http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/profile/2377239/1/Demon/')
profile = scraper.scrape
profile.recent_achievements # Scrapes achievement information, returns array of achievements
profile.match_history # Scrapes recent match history, returns array of matches
profile.match_history[0].class.name # => BnetScraper::Starcraft2::Match

profile.leagues[0].class.name # => BnetScraper::Starcraft2::League
profile.leagues[0].division # Scrapes the 1st league's information page for rank, points, etc

Full Scrape

Interested in grabbing everything about a profile eagerly? You're in luck, because there's a method just for you. Call BnetScraper::Starcraft2#full_profile_scrape with the usual options hash that ProfileScraper would take, and it will eager-load the achievements, matches, and leagues.

profile = BnetScraper::Starcraft2.full_profile_scrape(url: 'http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/profile/2377239/1/Demon/')
profile.class.name # => 'BnetScraper::Starcraft2::Profile'
profile.leagues.first.name # => 'Changeling Bravo'

Alternatively, these scrapers can be accessed in isolation.

Available Scrapers

There are several scrapers that pull various information. They are:

  • BnetScraper::Starcraft2::ProfileScraper - collects basic profile information and an array of league URLs
  • BnetScraper::Starcraft2::LeagueScraper - collects data on a particular league for a particular Battle.net account
  • BnetScraper::Starcraft2::AchievementScraper - collects achievement data for the account.
  • BnetScraper::Starcraft2::MatchHistoryScraper - collects the 25 most recent matches played on the account

All of the scrapers take an options hash, and can be created by either passing a URL string for the profile URL or passing the account information in the options hash. Thus, either of these two approaches work:

scraper1 = BnetScraper::Starcraft2::ProfileScraper.new(url: 'http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/profile/2377239/1/Demon/')
scraper2 = BnetScraper::Starcraft2::ProfileScraper.new(bnet_id: '2377239', account: 'Demon', region: 'na')

All scrapers have a #scrape method that triggers the scraping and storage. The #scrape method will return an object containing the scraped data result.


This pulls basic profile information for an account, as well as an array of league URLs. This is a good starting point for league scraping as it provides the league URLs necessary to do supplemental scraping.

scraper = BnetScraper::Starcraft2::ProfileScraper.new(url: 'http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/profile/2377239/1/Demon/')
profile = scraper.scrape
profile.class.name # => BnetScraper::Starcraft2::Profile

Additionally, the resulting BnetScraper::Starcraft2::Profile object has methods to scrape additional information without the need of creating another scraper. For example, if you need to pull league information up on a player, you may call BnetScraper::Starcraft2::Profile#leagues and it will scrape and store the information for memoized access.

scraper = BnetScraper::Starcraft2::ProfileScraper.new(url: 'http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/profile/2377239/1/Demon/')
profile = scraper.scrape
profile.leagues.map(&:division) #=> ['Bronze']


This pulls information on a specific league for a specific account. It is best used either in conjunction with a profile scrape that profiles a URL, or if you happen to know the specific league_id and can pass it as an option.

scraper = BnetScraper::Starcraft2::LeagueScraper.new(league_id: '12345', account: 'Demon', bnet_id: '2377239')

# => #<BnetScraper::Starcraft2::League:0x007f89eab7a680
@name="Changeling Bravo",
@season="2013 Season 4",


This pulls achievement information for an account. Note that currently only returns the overall achievements, not the in-depth, by-category achievement information.

scraper = BnetScraper::Starcraft2::AchievementScraper.new(
  url: 'http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/profile/2377239/1/Demon/'
achievement_information = scraper.scrape
achievement_information[:recent].size # => 6
# => #<BnetScraper::Starcraft2::Achievement:0x007fef52b0b488
@description="Win 50 Team Unranked or Ranked games as Zerg.",
@earned=#<Date: 2013-04-04 ((2456387j,0s,0n),+0s,2299161j)>,
@title="50 Wins: Team Zerg">

# => {:liberty_campaign=>1580,

achievement_information[:showcase].size # => 5
# => #<BnetScraper::Starcraft2::Achievement:0x007fef52abcb08
@description="Finish a Qualification Round with an undefeated record.",
@title="Hot Shot">


This pulls the 25 most recent matches played for an account. Note that this is only as up-to-date as battle.net is, and will likely not be as fast as in-game.

scraper = BnetScraper::Starcraft2::MatchHistoryScraper.new(
  url: 'http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/profile/2377239/1/Demon/'
matches = scraper.scrape
matches.size # => 25
wins = matches.count { |m| m.outcome == :win } # => 15
losses = matches.count { |m| m.outcome == :loss } # => 10

# =>  #<BnetScraper::Starcraft2::Match:0x007fef55113428
@map_name="Queen's Nest",


Scraping is only possible if the site is up. Use this if you want to verify the failed scrape is because the site is down:

BnetScraper::Starcraft2::Status.na # => 'Online'
BnetScraper::Starcraft2::Status.fea # => 'Offline'
BnetScraper::Starcraft2::Status.cn #  => nil (China is unsupported)
BnetScraper::Starcraft2::Status.fetch # => [
  {:region=>"North America", :status=>"Online"},
  {:region=>"Europe", :status=>"Online"},
  {:region=>"Korea", :status=>"Online"},
  {:region=>"South-East Asia", :status=>"Online"}


This pulls the list of 200 Grandmasters for a given region. Each player is returned as a hash.

scraper = BnetScraper::Starcraft2::GrandmasterScraper.new(region: :na)
players = scraper.scraper
players.size # => 200
players[0].keys # => [:rank, :name, :race, :points, :wins, :losses]


I would love to see contributions! Please send a pull request with a feature branch containing specs (Chances are excellent I will break it if you do not) and I will take a look. Please do not change the version as I tend to bundle multiple fixes together before releasing a new version anyway.


Written by Andrew Nordman, see LICENSE for details.