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Leaderboards backed by Redis in Erlang

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= erlang-leaderboard

A leaderboard system in Erlang and backed by Redis -

'erlang-leaderboard' is an erlang implementation of @czarneckid 's 'leaderboard' gem written in Ruby -

== Installation

Install Erlang.

Install rebar. You can acquire and build it thusly: 

	git clone git://
	cd rebar
	cp rebar /usr/local/bin

Acquire and build the erlang-leaderboard sources. It will fetch cstar's version of erldis automatically, as an internal depenendency.

	git clone git://
	cd erlang-leaderboard
	rebar compile
	# Possibly edit files in ./rel/files/* to your liking, if you so desire
	rebar generate
Make sure that redis is running.

TODO - Add info about how to easily start the gen_server (once it works reliably!)

== Compatibility

This software has been built and tested with Erlang/OTP R14B03.
== Usage

== Performance


== Future Ideas

== Copyright

Copyright (c) 2011 Armando Di Cianno. See LICENSE.txt for further details.

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