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[DOC] How to count events in last (n) minutes? #4

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For example, I'd like to calculate the sum of events over the last five minutes.

I'm using Timeseries in 'count_only' mode because I never care about discrete event data.


KEY_PREFIX = 'timedata:things'

client = redis.Redis('localhost', 6379)
minute_count = Timeseries(client, {
            'step':60,              # 60 seconds
            'steps':15,             # last 15 minutes
            'count_only' : True,    # store counts only.
    }, key_prefix=KEY_PREFIX)

def hit(event_id):
    minute_count.insert(event_id, 1)

When events arrive, I call:


Now, I'd like to know the sum of all events recorded in the last 5 minutes (not just the event count in each bucket.)

I think I should be able to sum the items by calling minute_count.series('some-event', 'minute', steps=5, condensed=True) -- is that correct? (I've tried that but I'm having no luck. See issue #3.)

What's the best/recommended way to do this?


What you're describing is how I expect it to be used. I'll look into this.


It looks like commit d463f93 fixes this one too. I'll report back ASAP.

@inactivist inactivist closed this

Thanks for checking on that. The beta-refactor significantly cleans up the implementation.

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