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A tiny MongoMapper plugin to provide some basic list functionality.

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This is a quick little MongoMapper plugin that provides some basic acts-as-list style functionality on mongo documents. By default things are added to the list bottom.


In the gemfile:

gem 'mm_sortable_item'

In your model:

  class SortableDocument
    include MongoMapper::Document
    plugin MongoMapper::Plugins::SortableItem

    list_scope_column :parent_id # optional if you want to scope the lists

    # ...

Then you have access to some helpful methods, such as:

  • .in_order retrieves the list items in order
  • .in_list(id) retrieves the items scoped as you wish
  • .reorder(orderd_array_of_ids) sets the positions of the given ids in order
  • object.set_position(position) inserts object into the list at the given position


John Nunemaker for mongo_mapper itself, as well as a start down the road of how to implement this. It's definitely not as "fully functional" as acts_as_list, but it does everything I need :).

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