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NodeJS port of amico (Relationships (e.g. friendships) backed by Redis) using CoffeeScript.

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Node-Amico Build Status

This is a NodeJS port of amico using CoffeeScript.


All commands have been ported over, with the addition of a callback for anything that calls redis.


This project uses a Makefile to help with development tasks. The following functions are provided:

  • make test: Generates teh JS from the src dir, then runs jessie.
  • make generate-js: Generates the JS from the src dir to the lib dir
  • make remove-js: Deletes the JS from the lib dir
  • make publish: Generates the JS, publishes to NPM, then deletes the JS
  • make link: Local link of the package to test before publishing to NPM

Take a look at src/spec_helper.js for some commands to assist in async testing.


Written by Andrew Nordman, based on David Czarnecki's amico.

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