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Sinatra application to show a “Coming Soon” page and collect emails.


  • Mailchimp integration
  • Screenshots panel with DOMWindow zoom ( may I suggest collecting early feedback with Notable ?)
  • Features list with icons
  • Displays latest blog posts (from RSS)
  • A/B Testing on all headlines and text
  • Dead simple YAML-based configuration.
  • Theme management with Compass/Blueprint and rake
  • Airbrake (Hoptoad) integration for error reporting (optional)
  • Designed for easy deployment to Heroku


  • Ruby 1.9
  • Redis

Set up

  1. bundle install
  2. Configure config/config.yml from the example file
  3. Run rake blog:update to populate the blog entries from your RSS feed
  4. Make sure redis is running: redis-server (or use the free plan from
  5. bundle exec shotgun
  6. Open localhost:9393.
  7. Admire!


  • Split tests are set up automatically just by setting multiple variants of the text
    in your config.yml file. They all share the same goal, convert visits to signups.
  • Visit /split to learn which variations are most successful and pick the winners.
  • View rake -T for some useful tasks.


To create a new theme, use rake theme:new[theme_name]. This will create a copy of
the default theme and activate it for you.

To switch between themes, use rake theme:set[theme_name]

Support for theme-specific markup is intentionally ommitted to discourage you from wasting
time you should be investing in your new product.

For all other documentation, refer to config/config.yml.example


  • The test suite has not been updated


Written by Logan Koester
Sponsored by Agora Games
Split testing by Andrew Nesbitt’s split rubygem
Originally based on