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You'd like to contribute to agorakit? Thank you !

You are a communication & support person ?

  • Talk about the project to people who might need it
  • Install it for non technical users/friends/groups
  • Help on the translations / add new translations
  • Write end users documentation
  • Enhance the presentation website with pictures and better texts. It's all there waiting for your pull requests :
  • Support existing users (I'm considering the creation of a support forum using... agorakit, let me know what you think)
  • Send me an email if you use the tool or are considering it. I love feedback! (info (at)

There are tons of way to contribute, everything is highly appreciated.

You are a developer proficient with laravel/php/html/css/js ?

  • You are a backend developer with experience of the Laravel framework: add new features, fix bug, write tests, document everything. I happily accept pull requests if they pass unit tests and follow the project philosophy
  • You are a frontend developer with experience of the Laravel framework: the current UI is not pretty, make it brilliant. Fix UX as you see fit. I happily accept pull requests if they pass unit tests and follow the project philosophy. We don't want the project to become a one page app powered by the latest "à la mode" js framework.
  • If you have some time to give to this project, there are already some issues to fix (see. Whether you have one hour per day or one hour per month, help is really appreciated! And remember, "talk is silver, code is gold" :-)
  • Let's talk in the issue queue if your idea involves big changes.

Make a branch of the master branch, work on your branch and create a pull request when ready. See

Financial support

  • Consider donating to help me work on it (check
  • Help me find ways to support financially the project (sponsorship, public subsidies, etc.)
  • Financial support is btw the key to offer a free hosted version in the future for those groups that can't afford to pay. This is high on my todo list


All the work is open source (GPL)

  • Your work will benefit every interested citizen initiative. We already have 100's of users who might benefit from your help. The work is made under the GPL licence.
  • It also means that if you use this codebase, you must contribute back your changes.

Please drop a line to info (at) if you are interested or have any question.