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Pinning Client that works with Homebase WebAPI
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Pinning Client for Homebase server

This is a UI developed to work with the @Beaker/Homebase pinning server.


  • to login in please enter your homebase webapi login details. For the domain - please enter your pinning service webapi address. This can be a IP or a Locolhost address, in addition to a normal URL. The only rule for entering this domain info is that the domain should include http:// or https:// (if you have an SSL) before your domain, and should exclude the final / of the url.

  • Once logged in you will be presented with basic info of the already pinned dat archives to your and a form submit for pinning new dats to the pinning service. Currently only the Dat Public Hash works and successfully writes to the homebase.yml file.

  • You will not be able to see the immediate update of your server's holdings till you logout and log back in.

@Note: this UI was specifically made to work with a CORS enabled version of homebase, which you can find here. It is possible to make this UI work on a normal version of Homebase, however, you will have to pin this UI as its own Dat to your homebase.yml config manually and give it a subdomain that corresponds to the domain of the WebAPI URL.

You can also see a working version of this client through this dat url: dat://c404ac66ee22b883b09950d6dd12569485d2e4e161a7ba7cecd1d73ba7927012/

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